Hangover makeup: new crazy trend

We, European women, after a hard, busy day try to hide the traces of fatigue, resorting to all sorts of tricks. In the course are any remedies that promise to give our face freshness and beauty. And the Japanese and Korean women are a little different. In the east, the so-called hangover makeup is trendy. It gives the face a tired look, mimics bags under the eyes and unhealthy blush. Well, makeup trends, as well as fashion, can also “stun” the imagination…

How to do hangover makeup

From the name, it is clear that you need to create an effect on your face as if you had a fun night and met a sad morning. Important: this “makeup” must be accompanied by an “unhappy” facial expression. In general, you do not need a lot of cosmetics: foundation, blush, pencil, mascara and eyeshadows. The basis is pure pale skin. Here the main emphasis is on the cheeks, and the “fever blush” should be located right under the eyes. Instead of blush, you can use lipstick or gloss, fixing the top with powder. 

photo credit: nekonohibi/Instagram

Eyes: use shades of pink or natural pastel hues (light sepia, beige, grey-pink), but with highlighted eyelashes (false or just emphasised with mascara). Eyebrows are a little blurred wide and without contrast. In the end, draw quite bright shiny lips.

In the process, you can also create artificial dark circles under the eyes. It’s very easy to do this by picking up a little brown eye shadow with a brush. Draw strokes from the folds located under the eyes, and shade with quick short strokes. Trying to stand out and become more original, some also add a little blue to the eyelids, “lavender”. Others apply blush not only on the area under the eyes but a little more on the back of the nose (as in tanning).

However, do not forget that hangover makeup is still a teenage trend that is not suitable for every situation and, of course, not for every skin type or face. So experiment with caution, especially if you’re “well over 20”!

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