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Hats. How to select the most successful for fall 2019

In the fall and winter, a hat is an incredibly important element of your wardrobe. Why? You can wear the warmest things, outerwear, but if you neglected a hat, there is a great chance of freezing very quickly. But unfortunately, many do not like hats. They can ruin a hairstyle, and some people generally think that no type of headwear will fit them. This is a misconception. Modern fashion trends give us an incredible selection of all caps and hats. Each girl will probably be able to choose for themselves. What to look for in this season and trends 2019-2020 will be covered in our article.

Before moving on to specific models, let’s look at the colour scheme. Now experiments are trending. Choose bright colours and unusual prints that will appeal to you. Make your headwear not just a practical accessory, but a bright accent for your outfit. Let’s start with the most common knitted hats. This model can be selected for a sporty look with a warm down jacket, and to a classic with a warm coat. These caps are also called – a beanie. They fit most types of faces, except for the round shape. If you like needlework, such as knitting, it will be easy for you to do it yourself. You can please your loved ones with such a useful gift. You can also find an incredible variety in stores.

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If the weather pleased with warmth, you can choose a stylish headband. Autumn weather is variable, wind may blow at any time. A warm headband will protect your ears from the wind. This season, the headbands have become especially relevant. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to them. They can add to your look femininity and playful mood. A headband is an accessory that can complete your outfit and add sparkle. 

Panama hats. An unexpected fall accessory, really? Of course, those panama hats worn in the summer will not warm you up and look comical. But leather or wool will come in handy. Accessory for the bold, but it’s definitely worth the attention.

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Feel like a real Frenchwoman and complement your outfit with the beret. A look with a light coat, red lipstick, women’s dress and beret will be very light and charming. This is another option for warm autumn days.

For several seasons in a row, kepi has remained on the list of leaders.

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And finally. Classic wide-brimmed hats, fedora hats. Wool hats will perfectly emphasize the femininity of the outfit and will fit into the classic look with a coat or trench coat.

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Remember that when choosing a headdress, you should first and foremost consider whether it suits you and take into account trends. An important criterion for selection is the materials. Because the most important function is protection against cold weather and your comfort. Don’t forget about it.

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