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How to complement your autumn look? Trendy accessories for autumn 2019 season

We continue the theme of autumn and the preparation of our wardrobe for the new season. In no case can the accessories be neglected. An accessory is the part of your wardrobe that can completely change the look. And how to improve it, adding a unique style, and to worsen it. Thanks to the accessories, a simple and inconspicuous outfit can be made unmatched and fashionable. You may find that autumn accessories are very difficult to pick up. After all, it is time for a large enough warm clothing, outerwear. But this does not mean that you should give up or be afraid of accessories. Let’s take a look at some current trends in accessories for fall 2019.

On the catwalks of fashion shows, you could see a very unusual for us headdress – balaclava. Unexpectedly, right? But this is a fact, balaclava has become a trending accessory this fall. Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, Lanvin, Marni and many other very diverse brands have worn their models in these “hats”. Due to the minimal number of open parts of the neck and head, a balaclava is a very warm accessory. Of course, it is not ordinary and outstanding.

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In the summer, we noticed a mini-bags trend. In the fall, such bags do not reduce the speed of their relevance. Think of Jacquemus resonant mini-bags. For the fall, the brand released a new bag that will probably hold the highest positions. A mini-bag that hangs around your neck like a pendant.

Not only did Jacquemus release such a bag, Giambattista Valli, Tod`s also showed us such an accessory. The size of the bags is so small that they can be confused or deliberately attributed to jewellery.

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Also, do not lose their relevance waist-bags. They are, of course, more practical than mini- bags. If you have already bought such a bag in the past seasons, you can safely continue to carry and enjoy it. And if it is not already in your wardrobe, we recommend that you take a look and add it to your accessories arsenal. Waist-bags can be used to emphasize your waistline with your sweater looks. For example, skinny jeans with a high waist, a tight-knit sweater and a bag over the sweater. And so your everyday outfit becomes much more interesting and your hands are free from the bag.

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Another accessory worth mentioning is brooches. They may already have dust-covered in your boxes, get them out. Also, a good excuse to visit your grandmother, she must have brooches that were incredibly fashionable and stylish in her youth. This season you can give them a second chance. And how nice it would be for your grandmother. Add it to a sweater or shirt to your look, or complement your knitted dress. 

Moreover, do not forget the best accessory of cool seasons – scarves. Not just a current trend, but also an important element for your health to keep you from freezing.

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