How to keep the perfect colour of dyed hair in the summer

The stability of the colour depends not only on its quality and the skills of a hairstylist but also on the care. The perfect tone is preserved for only two to three weeks, and if you consider the factor of the sun and salty sea water, you will have to refresh the colour even earlier.

Hairstylists highlight the TOP-3 steps that will help to prolong the freshness of the colour of the dyed hair.

Keep away from forbidden ingredients

Choose shampoos and hair conditioners without sulphates and silicones. The first provokes the dryness of the hair, the second-make it fragile. Another banned component is ammonia. Manufacturers love to add it to the paint because it allows it to penetrate deeper into the hair. However, ammonia will eventually cause dandruff, hair loss, and a quick loss of colour.

Less contact with water

Beauty experts claim that the ideal frequency is 2-3 times a week.

Less styling

It is worth forgetting about it for the period of holidays – your hair will still have a natural look because of high humidity and even minimal contact with water.

Besides, there are many products for styling that will replace your favourite hair straightener. Choose oils with a mixture of vitamins, professional foam and sprays.

Also, do not forget about thermal protection.

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