I woke up like this: 5 treatments for a perfect all-day look

Women always want to look perfect, but early get ups to work are not very motivating to create a super trendy hairstyle and flawless makeup. But, there are 5-morning beauty lifehacks that will help you to be on top.

Apply eye patches

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To wake up the skin around the eyes in the morning and get rid of dark circles will help eye patches. The effect of them, unlike the usual cream, will be notified immediately. While the patches “are working” you can brush your teeth, pack a bag and make a light breakfast. For a morning beauty ritual, choose moisturizing or smoothing patches, and denser nourishing ones leave for the evening.

Use dry shampoo

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You don’t always have time to wash your hair in the morning. In addition, there is the risk that you will not dry out your hair and go out in the morning cool with moist curls. There is a way out and it is very simple: dry shampoo will help to refresh your hair. It is very simple to use: spray a product on the roots, massage it and scrub the residue.

Highlight eyebrows

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Just one bright and appropriate accent can save the whole look, so emphasize eyebrows. There are a lot of options to do this. You can use eye shadows, mascara, or, for example, dye your eyebrows in the colour that suits you.

Choose multi-tasking products

When the skin care cream not only moisturizes your skin, but also protects it from the sun, the coral stick paints both cheeks and lips, and the shadows easily transform into a highlighter, you just have to quickly apply all this to your face and go to work. A big plus of multitasking products is that you need much fewer cosmetics for full-fledged make-up, which means you will save both money and time.

Organize your makeup bag

Hide cosmetics that you use very rarely on the bottom of a cosmetic bag, making space for a moisturizer, primer, powder, shine and brushes that are used daily.

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