In what way to celebrate the New Year 2021

A good year beginning makes the whole year good. We all want the coming 2021 to be calmer than the passing year. And so you need to prepare for the holiday properly. So one of the most significant questions is how to celebrate it.

Symbols of the year

The next year, 2021, will be held under the sign of the White Metal Bull according to the Eastern calendar, who prefers a fun party at home. Instead of putting yourself at risk of getting infected in a crowded bar, club or restaurant, isn’t it better to gather friends at home?

If you meet the year with respect for the bull, it will endow you with happiness and luck for all the next 365 days! What to wear for the New Year to please this strong and noble animal?

What outfit to choose for the New Year celebration

The easiest way is to choose a colour. After all, the answer is obvious: it’s the whole palette of grey and white. Besides, shades of gold and the palette of yellow, purple and blue will be appropriate. These colours, according to feng shui experts, are fortunate for 2021.

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But forbidden are shades of red and “predatory” prints. So a fashionable leopard dress should remain in the wardrobe – its time will come.

As for the style of the New Year’s dress, it is worth considering the character of the host of the year. The bull is a strong, restrained and noble animal. New Year’s outfit should be elegant. Choose a long or medium-length dress with a close silhouette, a pantsuit made of quality fabric.

photo credit: Pinterest
photo credit: Pinterest

To please a practical bull, prefer comfortable clothes made of natural material, for example, cotton, linen, wool or silk. 

What accessories to choose for the New Year 2021

Jewellery in the form of metal chains, which are now just at the peak of popularity, will bring you good luck. You can also choose pearls. The main thing is not to overdo the details. Astrologers say that the bull loves elegance and simplicity.

photo credit: Pinterest
photo credit: Pinterest
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