Instagram blogger reveals what is hidden behind glamorous pics

Instagram can be a very inspiring place, but also very depressing. After all, looking at the perfect photos of bloggers, we involuntarily want to live their lifestyle.

Blogger Chessie King revealed what is hidden behind a perfect picture.

Chessie is one of the most positive bloggers on Instagram.

Her mission is to help girls be more confident in their appearance, so she shows Instagram photos and explains why this is actually a lie.

Chessie rejects unrealistic ideals.

“We all pose in such a way that the bodies look as good as possible on the pics, and that’s fine …”

“But poses like the one on the right make us feel a little more natural.”

Like many body-positive bloggers, Chessie also comes across haters. 

“If we listened to every network troll every time, we would look like real monsters.”

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