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Iris Apfel – a stylish and active 97-year-old interior designer

Have you ever heard of Iris Apfel? Probably not everyone has heard, but most people will recognise this wonderful grandmother on photographs. Iris Apfel is a 97-year-old woman, she is an interior designer, collector and actress. She is incredible, attracted by her style and active lifestyle. It is possible to understand her style differently, but it is definitely necessary to accept her individuality and personal vision of her looks.

Iris lives in New York and has lived with her husband Charles for 67 years, who died 3 days before his 101st birthday. The family of long-lived.

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Iris linked her life with her creativity in her youth, and her mother was the owner of a fashion boutique, and even then the designer got acquainted with the fashion and trends of clothing. After graduating from high school, she entered the University of New York, where she studied art history and at the same time studied at the Wisconsin University Art School. The girl also worked in a fashionable women’s magazine as an assistant designer of interiors.

In the ’40s, Iris was one of the first women who wore jeans. Although in those days it was considered obscene and shameful for a woman.

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Later she and her husband opened their “Old World Weavers” textile company. For the most part, the company was engaged in the restoration of old fabrics. She worked with many famous people, museums and even executed orders for some presidents. Travelling around the world, Iris and Carl brought different materials to their business. In 1992, Iris sold the company, but it still works, and Iris continues to work there as a consultant.

“Old World Weavers” is not the only occupation of the woman. Starting in 2013, she has already starred in 4 films.

Now, Iris Apfel has become the face of the MAC cosmetic brand, with the slogan of “beauty beyond the time frame.” In her 97 years, she has released her own collection of jewellery called “Iris Apfel Jewellery”. Regarding the accessories, she once said: “Great influence on me was made by my mom. She loved the accessories so much and could invent such a trick with a scarf, which I have not seen before.” Apparently, this mother’s love for accessories influenced Iris as well.

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Just a few quotes from this interesting and a bit extravagant woman.

“I am often asked about the rules, but I have no rules. Otherwise, I would constantly break them.”

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“I like the personality. Every time I try to dress in a new way.”

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Iris’s helper carries her in a wheelchair to the various African stores in the New York area of Harlem. “The inhabitants of the rich areas think that they are stylish, but they are always in black, and this is not a style, it’s a uniform.”

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“I still have pale pink satin shoes from my wedding, 66.5 years later. And they are back in fashion. If you live long enough, the fashion is always coming back.”

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Definitely, Iris Apfel can be treated differently to the style of clothing and lifestyle, but she definitely deserves attention.

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