Israeli cosmetics: brands review

Successful geographic location of Israel combined with the great attention of cosmetic brands to innovative manufacturing technologies make it possible to create cosmetics that effectively restore and preserve youth, freshness and beauty. Immediate proximity to the Dead Sea, rich in unique therapeutic complexes of salts, vitamins and minerals, causes the fact that almost all Israeli cosmetic brands include them in their composition. In this article we have collected the most famous brands in the world of cosmetics from Israel, which produce skin care products and decorative cosmetics.

The best of Israel

1. AHAVA. The manufacturer offers skin care products for face and body. It includes natural components of the Dead Sea, which gently cleanse, restore the water balance, nourish and perfectly fight wrinkles, restore structure of the skin and hair. In the assortment of the manufacturer there are products for men. In the collection of the brand are also presented tonal products, which, apart from the leveling of face tone, carefully care for skin, moisturize it and slow age changes.

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2. Christina – cosmetics used by professionals. All products of this brand are developed by scientists with a worldwide reputation and have strict protocols of use. Skin and hair care products of this manufacturer include only environmentally friendly ingredients and are effective in the treatment of acne and post-acne, age changes, couperose, etc.

3. Dr. Sea – a budget brand of Israeli cosmetics widely known to domestic consumers. The basis of all products of this manufacturer, of course, are salts and minerals of the Dead Sea. All skin care products for face and body, for intimate hygiene, skin of legs and feet, as well as products for men include oils, plant extracts (olives, chamomile, mango, sea buckthorn, etc.) and algae.

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4. Barbara Wolf is an Israeli high-quality decorative cosmetics. Thanks to the innovative approach to production and composition of products, cosmetics of this brand are popular all over the world. Extracts of medicinal plants, Dead Sea minerals make shadows, blush, powders, lipsticks and nail polish as persistent and useful as possible.

5. Danya Cosmetics produces decorative cosmetics TM Karina Milano. The products of this brand are distinguished by its curative composition, light texture, durability and a variety of shades. Shadows, blush, powder, lipsticks and nail polish will help create any bright look that is safe for the skin.

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