July 27 – August 2, 2020: horoscope for all zodiac signs

Read new horoscope for all zodiac signs for the week of July 27 – August 2, 2020. Many are waiting for new relationships, job changes and moving to new homes.


The new week will be positive. Everything will go well at work, without too much work, but be prepared that on Thursday you will have to work a few extra hours more. You may feel that you are very exhausted and need to rest, but you will still have the strength to do your planned work at home. Don’t give in to your laziness.


Taurus is encouraged to take less initiative. Try first of all to finalize all the planned cases, and then take on something else. Physical activity is not recommended for you.


If you have been walking towards your goal for a long time, then at the end of the week you can get the first results. However, do not forget about your own needs. Work is work, and the rest has not been cancelled. Don’t sacrifice too much time for work, you still need to recuperate.


The difficulties that Cancers have been struggling with for a long time will finally recede. And now you can direct all your attention to things that bring you joy and pleasure. You need to prioritize correctly and gradually complete all tasks.


The week is favourable for serious decisions. If you have postponed the decision of a case for a long time – it’s time to bring it to life. In the middle of the week, it is most likely that you will be able to defend your point of view.


Now is the right time to sort out the cases and tasks that you have accumulated and cannot get off the ground in any way: complete the cleaning, get rid of the junk on your phone, put everything in its places in the closets and pay all unpaid bills.


For you, the entire working week will be emotionally difficult, but already on the weekend you can completely relax and unwind. The beginning of the week is a time of change, but you should not be afraid of them. On the contrary, they will help you find the right path in life.


The first half of the week is ideal for productive activities. You will be able to carry out many planned things if you do not constantly sit still. On Tuesday you can show all your best qualities.


This week you need to devote enough time to training because very soon you will find situations in which your abilities will be highly evaluated. Perhaps it will be tests, exams or job interviews.


A positive topic this week can be your personal development through creativity. Self-confidence will allow you to set yourself ambitious goals and solve them successfully. Try to devote a few days only to yourself and any kind of creativity.


Pay attention to Monday, Thursday and Saturday. These days, important events will occur that will subsequently affect your future life. The stars predict major changes for you. Be persistent and determined throughout the week.


Now you must complete all the cases that you have accumulated since last month. The longer you pull, the more negative the consequences will be. This is especially true for work. Failure to deliver on promises can result in the loss of the trust of your colleagues and management.

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