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Linear Acupuncture of Vinnytsky (LAV)

The analog in the world:
Acupuncture is known for 2000 years, mainly for health correction. There are classical corporal acupuncture and the Su-Jok system (points of correspondence on the hand and foot). Other techniques for stimulating collagen:
– Ulthera System (USA)
– Introduction of hydroxyapatite Ca (Germany)
LAV does not exclude but complements all other methods.

Scope: It allows to stimulate the production of own collagen and acceleration of metabolic processes in the skin:
– thickens the skin
– improves skin tone
– healthy complexion
– constriction of pores
– lifting

There are a large number of clients who categorically do not want to inject gels into the skin, meso therapeutic cocktails. For them, LAV an is an optimal procedure that gives a stable therapeutic and positive aesthetic result. LAV allows you to improve face skin, neck and body, improve skin tone, reduce flabbiness.

Each acupuncture needle has in its structure a spiral, which in interaction with the magnetic field of Earth create es mini magnet. When the needle is inserted into the skin, a magnetic field around it creates metabolic acceleration, increasing its production of its own collagen and improving quality of the skin.

Result after the LAV course:
– Increase of turgor
– Improvement of skin color
– Narrowing of pores
– Skin lifting

To obtain a stable result, 5-8 LAV procedures are necessary once a week (depending on age and skin condition).
Supportive stimulating procedure needed once a month.

Improvement of skin quality:
– Face
– Neck
– Decollete zone
– Areas of the knees
– Shoulder areas
– Areas of the abdomen

Author of the methodology:
Vinnitsky Andrey Viktorovich, 06/28/1975
MARAMAX Institute Kerastase beauty salon beautician

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