Lunar haircut calendar for October 2020

The health and strength of our hair depend not only on the chosen hair care and hairstylist but also on the phase of the moon. Astrologers claim that haircuts on favourable lunar days can improve hair condition. In principle, there is a sense in this. If the phases of the moon affect the tides of the seas, rivers and oceans, as well as all life on the planet, then why not influence them on humans. In any case, we recommend checking the lunar calendar before visiting your hairdresser.

Below you can see all the dates of the lunar calendar to be fully armed.

Favourable days for haircuts in October 2020: 4-9, 13-15, 20, 21, 26, 27 of the month.

Unfavourable days for haircuts in October 2020: 1-3, 10-12, 16-19, 22-25, 28-31 days of the month.

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