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“Magic” underwear you don’t have to wash for several weeks was created in Denmark

In Denmark, men have created socks and underwear you don’t have to wash for several weeks. This is not a lazy development, as you may think, but for the preservation of the environment.

photo credit: Kickstarter


Underwear and socks that you don’t have to wash for a few weeks were invented by four guys from Denmark. When sewing clothes, use the material with the contents of silver. Because silver has natural antibacterial properties, it kills about 99.9% of bacteria in clothing, that cause unpleasant odours on the fabric. The idea of using silver the boys borrowed from NASA. It is silver that purifies water for astronauts and this treatment technology is also used in the tailoring of spacesuits.

Two pairs of female lingerie cost 56$ and two pairs of male boxers – 64$. The products of the company are already used by over 50 thousand customers.

The creators invented such clothes not for lazy people, but for the sake of environmental protection. Frequent washing will save water resources, and worn out linen is less likely to be thrown away.

photo credit: Kickstarter

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