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Major trends in eyebrow styling in 2019

Powder eyebrows that were fashionable last season, alas, are no longer in trend. The same applies to the tattoo and henna, which became the anti-trend of spring and summer 2019. So, what are trendy eyebrows in the current and next season? Let’s figure out together.

Eyebrows frame the face and attract the attention of others, so changing their shape is actually a great transformation of appearance.

Recently, eyebrow shape has been given more and more attention, so if you are in search of your ideal shape, 2019 will provide you with a wide field of creativity.


5 major trends in eyebrow styling in 2019:

Natural eyebrows

“Soap” eyebrows
It is a logical extension of the formation of eyebrows using a gel. Using a soap or a special tool, the hair is glued up vertically.

Coloured eyebrows
In 2019, you can colour not only hair but also eyebrows.

Inappropriate eyebrows
In today’s world, it’s worth going beyond the rules to fit/not fit. If you have light hair, why not make dark eyebrows for a certain contrast?

Fluffy eyebrows
Fibre gels use microfiber to create eyebrow volume, making them more lush and natural.

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