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Make your summer brighter. 5 bold colour combinations

Summer is a great hot season. We made a selection of bold colour combinations for you to brighten your everyday outfit.

Grey and yellow

Different shades of yellow favour open, sociable and positive people. Despite its brightness, yellow can be worn anywhere and any time of the year. Light yellow is very versatile and suitable for both blondes and brunettes, with any colour of eyes and a shade of skin. You can choose a combination of a gentle yellow tone for an office outfit, thus adding colour to your workday. Together with grey (marengo, coal or anthracite), yellow forms a soft and calm combination. More saturated shades (lemon or neon) are great for summer walks or parties.

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Pink and olive

The magnificent olive tone has become famous for a long time; we often see it during the fashion shows. The most popular type of olive is military style. This shade of green is versatile, which means that it is suitable for everyone and for any reason. Olive can be combined in the same way as with neutral, light shades and vivid ones. The olive colour of its natural origin represents naturalness, even though it is dark and most often it is used in rather rough looks. To add contrast and slightly lighten the colour, the olive can be combined with different shades of pink. Depending on the situation, you can add delicate pink colours. Or vice versa, boldly combine with a bright violet colour.

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Orange and purple

Another bold combination that is suitable for summer walks and informal meetings. Purple colour is bright, at the junction of pink and violet. These colours resemble images of oriental beauties and even details of the interior in the Asian style.

The combination of purple with orange is for self-assured and vibrant personalities. Not every girl dare to style in such shades. But if you decide to try, we recommend choosing one of the colours of the main one and complementing it with other colour accents.

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Coral and Grey

Grey shades are versatile and complementary to almost any colour. We will focus on the bright coral and grey tandem. The coral is very romantic and feminine colour. Undoubtedly it attracts the attention of others, especially men. Depending on the selected shades of both colours, a look can be picked up for the office, as well as for walks with friends or romantic dates. Grey or grey-blue in a pair with coral, creates a pleasant and natural combination. 

Mint and red or coral

Mint colour is especially relevant in the summer, it adds incredible freshness and lightness, which is so lacking during the heat. This colour is for almost all occasions. Mint is chosen by young people, open and modern personalities.

For the business meetings, you can choose a mint skirt, a white shirt and add coral shoes on the heels.

It is essential not to exaggerate the amount of coral because then it will take away all the ease and freshness of mint. Mint and red colours should be combined very carefully, it is enough to choose red accessories to complement your mint look.

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