Makeup that, makes you look older: TOP-5 mistakes

   By applying day or evening make-up, a woman seeks to emphasize her dignity, hide skin blemishes, or even correct her appearance. Properly applied make-up helps us feel more attractive, and therefore, self-confident. However, some women, striving for perfection, make mistakes that add a couple of extra years. In this article, we describe the 5 most common beauty mistakes.

  1. The wrong foundation. With age, wrinkles and age spots appear that women tend to hide. However, it is important not to overdo it. Otherwise, you can create on the face the effect of a frozen mask, which will hide the flaws, but at the same time add a couple of years. It is important to remember that with age the tonal framework should be more transparent, and its consistency easier. It is important to choose the colour that most closely matches the natural shade. It is better to completely refuse powder, especially compact since it emphasizes mimic wrinkles.

  2. Unnecessary emphasis on the lower eyelid. After 30-40 years, the eyelids visually “grow heavy.” In this case, the lower corner of the eye is slightly lowered. Therefore, if in youth the passion for black eyeliner is welcome, then with age, it is better to leave the lower eyelid “naked”. When applying makeup, it is worth focusing on the upper eyelid, and for the lower mucosa, it is better to choose a light or beige pencil or eyeliner. Ladies over the age of 40, it is desirable to choose gentle and dull shades of eye shadow and eyeliner.

  3. Unkempt eyebrows. The wrong shape and colour of the eyebrows are ageing. Makeup artists recommend carefully take care of them. It is necessary to regularly adjust and tint eyebrows in colour as close as possible to natural.

  4. Diligent use of a pencil for lips and lipsticks of dark shades add years. A pencil of a particularly darker shade emphasizes wrinkles. Use a pencil for the contour of the lips is better in the tone of lipstick and lightly feather it with a brush. Lipstick natural tones without excessive gloss and nacre with help looking young and fresh.

  5. Improper application of blush and too bright tone also make a woman more mature. Gentle peach and apricot colours are ideal for anti-age make-up for women with fair skin. Coral shades will suit swarthy ladies. In addition, it is better to opt for crumbly blush or products in balls.
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