Makeup that suitable for little eyes

Cosmetics is created not only to preserve youth, fight wrinkles and age defects. It is effectively used from time immemorial to correct deficiencies in appearance: rashes and spots masking, face shape sculpting and, of course, adjusting shape of the lips and eyes. Many stars that handle "Hollywood star" name can not boast the look of anime heroes, but this did not stop them from becoming sex symbols and become recognizable world beauties. In this article we will tell about rules of applying makeup that makes small eyes look more expressive.

1. Pay attention to the eyebrows. In makeup suitable for small eyes, makeup artists recommend paying special attention to the shape of your eyebrows. Wide eyebrows shapes can narrow your eyes, so to find the perfect shape it is better to ask advice at professionals.

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2. Down with fatigue and dark circles under the eyes. Lack of sleep and individuality can easily be masked by concealer. Products with flickering particles will make look fresher and more mysterious.

3. The number one remedy for makeup suitable for small eyes is white, peach or light pink soft cosmetic pencil-eyeliner (kohl). It is applied on the lower eyelid, closer to inner corner of the eye. Blue can be used to create an unforgettable evening look.

4. Visually increase volume of the eyes will help light shades of shadows. It is better to choose nude or pastel colors. For deep-set eyes, the base should be pearlescent eye shadows of light shades. You can choose shadows of one color, but more experienced makeup artists recommend applying shadows of lighter colors under the eyebrow.

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5. Eyeliner is not prohibited, but wings must be correct form. The line is better to conduct very thin on the upper eyelid. It should have thickening to the outer corner of the eye and go very slightly upwards.

6. Black mascara will help to solve the problem of small eyes. Makeup artists recommend women with small eyes to use products that have an extension effect. Such type of mascara allow to create effect of open eyes, thereby increasing their look.

7. Owners of small eyes need to master such type of makeup as “Smokey eyes”; The dark outer corner of the eye visually enlarges eyes, and makes your look charming.

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