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Manicure 2019: The trendy shape and length of the nails

With the spring coming we want to change something in us, even a little upgrade. What are the easiest way to freshen your appearance without spending too much and tremendous transformation? You can change the shape of the nails. Do not know what to choose? GoBeauty has made for you Top-4 most popular trendy nail forms this season.

  1. Square. This is one of the most popular nail forms, which does not lose its relevance for many years. The tradition has gone from the classic french and has been consolidated in combination with other designs. Square nails look very natural, so the shape became a favourite of the new season. If you choose a square, we do not recommend to grow long nails, as it will look cunning. Although, if this is your goal, why not?
  2. Almond-shaped. Choose this form if you want softness and tenderness. It is a great alternative to stylus nails, which was relevant last season. For this form, almost all design options are suitable: from a single-tone coating to avant-garde nail art. We advise you to choose an almond-shaped form if you have naturally strong nails since the free edge of the nail is quite thin and easily broken.
  3. Pointe shoes. This form has become fashionable even last year and its popularity is only growing. It got its name due to the similarity with pointe shoes. This form is ideal for implementing the original design in different techniques due to the length and width of the edges.  
  4. Oval. Just like a square oval nail form will never go out of fashion, as it is a natural form of the nail and it looks gently. This form most often does not require a special filing, but especially harmoniously it looks on short nails. The most popular manicure technique on oval nails is French. If this spring you want to add more colours, make french colourful.

When choosing the length and shape of the nails, rely on your own imagination and benefits. You should be comfortable with the chosen length and shape of the nails. Good luck with your experiments! 

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