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Men’s style this spring/summer 2019 season

The vast majority of articles about women’s style and female outfits. Today we will talk about male looks and what items of clothing will be relevant this season.

Many men are accustomed to giving preference to dark colours in their wardrobe. Dark colours should not be forgotten, but it’s essential to combine them with light and sometimes vivid colours to make your look more unusual. In 2019, you can add the following shades to your wardrobe: dark brown (it will look best in combination with beige colour); dark grey or graphite and shadows of nude tones).

So, let’s turn to more detailed examples.

This spring trench coat is relevant not only for women’s wardrobe but men should also pay attention to the classic beige trench coat. Men really appreciate the practicality and convenience. This is precisely about the trench coat. It is ideally suited for variable spring weather and can protect you from rain, as most trench coats are made of waterproof fabrics. For example, a Burberry trench coat is an ageless classic. There are also more budget options like ZARA Man or Mango Man.

Men’s suits may not be so official and boring as we used to see them. You can add some relaxation, and the suit will become suitable for every day. For example, replace classic straight trousers with narrower and slightly shortened ones. Wear a t-shirt under the jacket. The most daring combine this outfit with massive sneakers, but more classic shoes will also fit.

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The best investment in your wardrobe will be basic white sneakers. You can also experiment with bright sneakers on massive soles that are at the peak of fashion now. Current trends tell us that sneakers can be worn not only with a sports suit, but they can also be combined with many other outfits. Indeed, maximum comfort is now in the trend and this can not but please.

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The next is a warm hoodie, better oversize one. It is excellent for cold spring or even summer evenings. Wear it with your favourite jeans this spring and with short this summer.

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Bomber jackets are must-have for men. They add style to a habitual look with a T-shirt and jeans. It all depends on your preference and lifestyle.

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