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What is biohacking? Best methods to improve wellness
What is biohacking? We hear the “bio” part, and a picture of wavy hair is instantly pulled into the head.
78th Venice International Film Festival
The 78th Venice International Film Festival started on September 1 on the island of Lido in Venice. For 11 days,
10 rules for slimness and beauty
There are not so many “genetically” thin girls among us. To stay in shape, most women change their habits, and
SPA: treatments for beauty and pleasure
SPA-procedures, as a way of body care and relaxation, were invented in the V century BC. What has changed since
Simple ways to relieve stress
Did you wake up smiling? That’s excellent! Sometimes our day resembles an excerpt from the film with fast movements around
Face taping: benefits, rules, techniques
Face taping is one of the trendiest procedures nowadays. It helps to quickly get rid of wrinkles and significantly tighten
Sophrology – a new method of combating stress
The awareness practise has already been tested over time by many supporters. It helps well with anxiety, chronic pain, addictions
How to get rid of a double chin
You have no excess weight, but there is a double chin? Even very slim women face this problem as the
Age well is a new philosophy of self-love
The cult of youth is firmly entrenched in our society. Most of the women have already tried beauty injections and
TOP-5 most common fitness mistakes
You are sweating in the gym as much as possible, but the results you expected do not appear? Here the