Minis, safari jackets, feathered dresses and 5 more spring fashion trends

The mini

One of the main fashion trends of the season is the mini length. Micro-shorts will compete with short dresses and skirts. Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent decided to bet on seductive women’s legs, so without wasting time, start preparing for a warm spring now!

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Bra top

The must-have of the spring-summer 2020 season – bra top – is something between a classic bra and a cropped top. Brandon Maxwell, Christian Dior and Givenchy have demonstrated how to wear such a top in casual and evening outfits, combining it with suits and skirts.

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Volumetric skirts

Items of historical costume, crinolines and tournaments, are returning to fashion. Instead of emphasizing the slenderness, we dress in the spirit of Maria Antoinette for the evening. The main thing to keep in mind is that such skirts suit thin girls. And they look fun on a Kim Kardashian type of figure.

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Denim total look

Denim does not want to give up its position: this spring, designers advise to wear denim jackets on the naked body, as well as to combine clothes of one shade. There were also many new items at the fashion shows: denim dresses, overalls, shirts and even trousers.

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Of course, we cannot say that pantsuits have become fashionable only yesterday or exclusively in 2020. But they are literally at the peak of popularity and demand this season. Moreover, it is this spring that you can boldly experiment with styles and combine trousers overwear and figure jacket.

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Polka dots print

In other words, print big dots. It got its name from American dancers of the early XX century who sewed costumes for performances of fabrics with polka dots. In the coming season, almost all the leading fashion houses presented on the catwalks outfits made of fabrics with polka dots. So, we should pay attention to this specific print.

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Safari jacket

Warm jackets are very comfortable, especially if the spring is cool. These multi-pocket jackets remind us of colonial history, so there is a place for criticism. But at the same time, it’s nice to have a women’s jacket where you can put all the necessary stuff. We liked the Hermes safari jackets that were leather-trimmed for elegance. The Gucci jackets were a bit similar, but in an earthy colour palette that matches the 70’s colour.

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Feather dresses

A feather-covered dress is undoubtedly a luxury outfit as the fluffy decor is not easy (and cheap) to get. Despite this, feathers are one of the most playful jewellery a designer can add to a dress. It has been extremely popular on the catwalks, becoming one of the key trends in spring-summer 2020. This year’s show featured feathered dresses of all colours on the Sharon Wachob podium: from wedding options in white to a beautiful, coral-coloured long-sleeved dress. Other designers who showed feathered dresses included Burberry, Valentino and many more.

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