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“Mood” nail polishes that don’t just change colour, but also smell like coffee flavours

LeChat brand’s new Dare to Wear Mood Café collection features overachieving lacquers that go above and beyond what’s expected of your typical nail polish in not one, but two wholly unnecessary but much appreciated ways.

The collection, according to the brand, “will feature LeChat’s classic formulation for thermal gels and lacquers with an extreme colour change from light to dark as body temperature varies from hot to cold, or cold to hot.” Furthermore, instead of that nail polish smell you’d expect from, these lacquers have coffee-inspired scents.

photo credit: LeChat

There are six autumn-inspired polishes in the Dare to Wear Mood Café collection.

photo credit: LeChat

Cappuccino is a cool medium brown that transitions to light brown and smells like cappuccino. French Vanilla, which feels like French vanilla, is a light cream shade that transitions to off-white. Pumpkin Spice is an orange shade that transitions to a faint caramel, and has a smells like “spiced pumpkin.” The cinnamon-scented Cinnamon Latte is a “deep spiced red” that transitions to a medium red. The deep brown Chocolate Mocha transitions to rich medium brown and smells how it sounds. And Matcha Mint is a vibrant emerald green that transitions to light green and smells like minty matcha tea.

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