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Let’s start with the latest news in the nail industry. So, two new manicure trends this spring appeared on the network. The first is a manicure depicting sea waves. Betina Goldstein, a star expert in nail design and Los Angeles nail artist, presented a series of pics with a minimalist design, the main decoration of which was the image of the sea waves.

Goldstein noted that she drew the waves by hand on each finger.

In addition to the works of Betina herself, on Instagram, you can find many other examples of this beautiful nail trend.

The second nail trend is nail design with different colours of the nail polish. This manicure is especially relevant today because you can use all the nail polishes that you can find at home.

“The trend includes both multi-coloured manicures in one colour scheme and a design that combines completely different colours. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that such a manicure will look spectacular and original”, experts say.

Continuing the theme of trends, it is worth mentioning the latest quarantine fashion trend, namely the photo in multi-coloured socks. To date, the hashtag #socksoftheday has posted over 373 thousand Instagram posts.

We invite you to join and post a photo in your favourite cool socks.

Quarantine was reflected in absolutely all areas of our lives. For example, American supermodel Bella Hadid was tired of her old hairstyle and decided on a bold beauty experiment during self-isolation.

The 23-year-old celebrity decided to have fun and renew the appearance in quarantine. As a result, Hadid cut bang on her own.

Of course, we do not recommend that you independently conduct various beauty experiments, because they do not always end positively. It’s better to wait until the quarantine is over and trust a professional.

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