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Nail Designs of the year from GoBeauty

Fashionable nail designs of this year are represented by an abundance of design options in different styles, colors, and techniques of execution. We collected the most current trends in 2018 in one article for you. Just choose the one that you like most.

Long nails.

Yes, long nails are trendy again. Oval, almond-shaped, pointy – these forms returned to the list of fashion trends this year. However, it must be remembered that long nails are in themselves accented, so do not do nail design on them, so that the look does not be congested. The ideal option will be a french or nude manicure, as well as a solid matte or glossy coating. Of course, neat short nails are still relevant.

Negative space.

It’s kind of fresh trend of this year. The most original way to realize it is to leave it in place of a picture or to make a geometric pattern.

Precious metals.

Silver or gold-plated nails are still relevant. The fond trend is suitable for both long and short nails, and it is easy to perform on your own. In the fashion are both fully “metalized” nails and two-color graphic designed nails.

Colorful nails.

Nail trend of 2018 which every girl can repeat. Cover nails with different shades or make manicure in the New York style (another color is allocated only on one nail). A half nail manicure is also relevant, including bright shades.


It’s the original trend of imitating bracelets of friendship on nails or other interesting ideas. It looks as if nails are decorated with threads and rhinestones. Very beautiful and bright.

Precious stones

Is a long-cherished trend that does not lose popularity. Stones help create a luxurious look for a celebration or holiday. The most trendy design of nails is a combination of rhinestones of different sizes and colors. Such kind of manicure can be added with flock cloth in the tone of primary color. Stylists are advising to select nail design, which will match the makeup in style and color scheme. Above all, remember that your look must be holistic and harmonious.

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