Neon in the summer of 2019. A well-forgotten trend of the '90s is coming back

A lot of people associate summer with bright and vibrant colours. In winter, most prefer dark colours, pastel and tender in the spring, and the summertime is a great time to add brightness and juiciness to your look. Summer 2019 becomes a season of neon colours. Some fashion houses have introduced neon colours in their shows of previous seasons, but this year it has gained even more significance. In general, the neon is not an absolutely new trend. It declared itself in the ’90s, but after that, it left for a long time fashionable podiums. And now we are seeing another fashionable retro trend that comes back to us from the past in a new form.

For someone, such a bright trend can become quite difficult, and someone easily chooses a completely neon outfit and conquers the world. If it’s still hard to dare on the neon colour in your wardrobe for everyday life, you can start with swimwear. Red, purple or pink – great options to begin your acquaintance with such a bold trend. Famous model Kylie Jenner shows off her slim figure in the neon swimsuit. It should be noted that the swimwear of these colours must be minimalistic, without extra decoration and accessories. The bright colour does not require any additions, but acts as a full-fledged and sufficiently attracts attention.

Another alternative to begin your story with the neon is the accessories. Ornaments, accessories, bags and shoes of shades of vivid colours can add accent to the everyday, basic outfit. But we do not advise you to mix several neon shades, it is better to choose one, so as not to overbalance your look with colours.

World influencers – the Kardashian family this year became fans of gorgeous neon colours. Kendal Jenner, together with H&M, has recently introduced a neon pink dress and wore it on a red carpet.

photo credit: Vogue

Supermodel Gigi Hadid chose a neon pantsuit and unveiled a photo on her Instagram.

Even Elizabeth II, the Queen of Great Britain herself supported this trend and chose the outfit in a bright green neon colour.


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In vibrant everyday looks, we can admit that the number of accessories, bright accessories and jewellery is minimal. Neon colour is so fabulous that it does not need to be supplemented.

Neon clothing is very well combined with things of primary hues. For example, bright, vibrant, trendy cycling shorts can be combined with a T-shirt or a thin, black, white or nude colour.

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