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Nordic White hair colour is trending on Instagram

When most people think of platinum hair, celebrities like Lady Gaga and Khloé Kardashian both have rocked the trendy hair colour.
Platinum hair is typically a very light, cool-toned shade of blonde that’s generally one-dimensional. Some colour chameleons, however, are taking the hue to the next level and going full-on icy white, making for the most platinum-y shade of platinum we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Allure tapped Massachusetts-based colourist Daniel Tetreault to find out more about his process when it comes to colours like this.

“Creating platinum-white hair takes patience and consistency — these results are done in five- to eight-hour sessions, depending on the client’s starting point and the condition of their hair,” he says. “When I teach classes I always preach: Go low and slow. Babysit the hair and just watch it because it’s all about saturation and understanding what you’re seeing.”

Tetreault posted a photo of the finished look on Instagram, which showcased what the white looks like both inside and outside in natural light.

If you, too, want to go stark white, colourist Nikki Ferrera says you need to consider your natural hair colour and skin tone first. “This colour would work best on someone who has fair or golden skin and a hair colour that ranges anywhere from light brown to the lightest blonde,” she says. “The way, you would go about getting this is by lifting the natural hair colour to as light as it would possibly go,” she adds.

Before you start stocking up on purple shampoos, definitely visit your salon first and see what your colourist has to say about whether jumping on the Nordic blonde trend is an option, as well as how to get you there while still keeping those strands in good shape.
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