Nothing superfluous: makeup in minimalism style

In modern society, more and more adherents of minimalism, as a style and way of life appear every day. It manifests itself in design of premises, clothing, and in makeup. It is important not to confuse natural makeup and executed in style of minimalism. The first does not imply usage of decorative cosmetics, in principle. The secrets of the second we will reveal in this article.

The main rules of minimalism in makeup

According to makeup artists and cosmetologists, healthy skin of the face is a trend of the latest fashionable seasons. Therefore, morning makeup should be started only after skin cleanup, and in the evening it is necessary to wash off all cosmetics. It is also worth paying attention to diet, the amount of water you drink per day (you need to drink at least 2 liters) and choosing a cream for skin care. Spring and summer cream is better to choose from a series of moisturizers, and in autumn and winter, from a series of nutritious.

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Makeup in the style of minimalism does not tolerate a lot of tonal and corrective products. Hide possible deficiencies is acceptable with the help of BB or SS- creams. These two products will help to mask the pigment spots, acne and moisturize skin. They will make skin tone more smooth and gentle.

The eyes should look both as expressive as possible and at the same time naturally. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the palette with dark shadows. It is worth giving preference to the shades of soft and gentle pastel tones: beige, peach, milk chocolate, etc. You can generally limit usage of mascara and eyeliner. It is necessary to pay attention to the shape and width of the eyebrows. Well-groomed with a properly selected form, they will make the eyes brighter and more visible. Color for dying eyebrows should be one tone darker than natural.

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A healthy gentle blush will help create a blush of light textures of natural shades. They should, like a light veil, outline the line of cheekbones and differ from the color of the skin by a half tone or one tone.

Fans of natural makeup appreciate lipstick not for saturated color, but for moisturizing and caring properties. For minimalistic makeup suited nude lipsticks, tender pink, brown. In this case, clear lip contour for this makeup is not relevant.

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