Parabens in cosmetics: is it worth being afraid?

The composition of cosmetics is a set of complex names of chemicals that are often incomprehensible to most consumers. The person is arranged so that all incomprehensible frightens us. Therefore, information that appeared in media that parabens, as a component of cosmetic products, can cause breast cancer, is horrifying and makes it necessary to look for goods marked with paraben-free on the shelves. In this article, we will talk about causes of parabens use in production of cosmetics, and whether we should be afraid.

What are parabens and why do they ?

In the manufacture of 85% of skin and hair care products parabens are used. These complex substances are known to mankind since 1920 and are widely used as a preservative in production of not only deodorants or shower gels, but also pharmaceuticals and even bakery products. They are a derivative of benzoic acid. Manufacturers value parabens for their low cost and high efficiency in controlling growth of a population of pathogenic microorganisms. Methyl-, isobutyl-, propyl and other forms of synthetically manufactured parabens prolong life of the product while they do not have toxic properties and are practically hypoallergenic.

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So are the parabens dangerous?

The hype about dangers of these substances that makeup cosmetics went up after the results of some expert studies on their carcinogenicity were published. It is said that etheric form of parabens was detected in a breast cancer. However, after many years and many additional studies, scientists came to the conclusion that scientifically proven and reliable fact that oncological diseases of female breast from prolonged use of deodorants is absent. Moreover, the initial studies were found to be inaccurate. Currently, there are no laws prohibiting the use of parabens in cosmetics manufacture, even in Japan, where the most stringent legislation in this regard. The result of various discussions between scientists and manufacturers was a reduction in permissible concentration of these substances in cosmetics is to 0.4-0.8%.

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“Paraben-free” cosmetics

In order to increase sales and win consumer confidence, many manufacturers began to make cosmetics with paraben-free mark. However, this is not really true. Natural cosmetics can not be stored for months. Therefore, many of these cosmetic products include parabens, but under other name (sodium benzoate, etc.). This is kind of marketing move. Cosmetics with natural preservatives in form of the essential oils and other substances can cause serious allergic reactions.

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