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Permanent makeup lips procedure

How to deal with asymmetry, fadedness and fuzzy lip contour? The answer is permanent lips makeup.

Permanent makeup lasts from several weeks to several years. The pigment is injected into the upper layers of the skin during the procedure, plus the client receives indelible makeup.

What are the differences between permanent makeup and a tattoo?

If the first will fade over time, then the second is already forever. It is very vital to choose the right artist who can competently carry out the procedure. Be sure to find recommendations, check out examples, discuss the availability of education with the artist. Remember that a failed procedure can cause pigment to bleed on different areas of the lips.

The main pros in permanent lips makeup are:

It does not cause allergies. The skin heals quickly after the procedure.

Practicality. You can no longer set an alarm to waste a lot of time on makeup. Voluminous bright lips with a well-defined contour will always be with you.

Aesthetics. The procedure completely replaces decorative cosmetics, and after it, the skin does not need any special care.

Please note that the permanent lips makeup procedure has enough contraindications:

  • Inflammatory diseases, the recovery period after surgery;
  • Diabetes;
  • Scars, moles, warts, etc. at the place where makeup is applied;
  • Blood clotting problems;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • AIDS, HIV;
  • Epilepsy.

Whether it is worth doing permanent makeup is up to you. Numerous girls choose the procedure, noting its undoubted advantages. Entrust the work to professionals and let your lips shine!

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