Puce colour: what it looks like and what to wear it with

From childhood, we are taught colours and shades. Cartoons and fairy tales, toys and many other games are dedicated to this. But not even all adults know about the existence of some interesting and unusual names of colours and shades. One of them is puce colour.

What is this shade

Puce colour looks noble and refined. It is suitable for almost all members of the fair sex, regardless of age and physique with a cold colour scheme of appearance.

In the old days, puce was called a dark shade of brown colour. The name of the toner sounds original and mysterious. But if translated from French everything is much more prosaic, it means “shade of crushed flea”. Later, the obsolete meaning of the word was forgotten, and today designers call it a noble powdery tone between pink and purple. It is often used in creating fashion collections and in sewing stylish outfits.

photo credit: Pinterest
photo credit: Pinterest

With what to combine in the outfit

Puce can be used for office looks, romantic dinners, casual style. With what to combine it? Designers advise the following:

  • any of the powder shades go well with white;
  • the noble black colour is also perfectly combined with a gentle puce shade. However, such tandem can look too simple therefore demands appreciable accessories (for example, gold or silver tones);
  • the puce shade is well complemented by a bright version of the same colour scheme (for example, you can combine it with a brighter pink colour).
  • Stylists do not recommend using powder colour to create a monochrome look. Such outfits look quite pale, indistinctly without a bright accent. Therefore, when choosing a dress of this tone, be sure to pick up bright shoes. Another great option is to combine a puce shade with denim hues (from light to deep blue). This is a trend that is suitable for active people who are ready for the usual patterns in clothing.
photo credit: Pinterest
photo credit: Pinterest

How to create an outfit

Designers create a huge variety of interesting images with a puce colour: from romantic to daring. Here are some of the most popular options:

  1. The evening look in the colour of powder will be stunning if you choose a delicate dress combined with bright shoes.
  2. The business outfit will be lighter if you replace the strict white blouse with a pink or beige one (it is combined with a brown skirt or pants that will maintain the austerity of business style, but at the same time hint at a romantic nature). Pencil skirt goes well with a snow-white blouse, which looks very elegant, solemn. On Friday, you can choose a more relaxed style with a powder-blue blouse with ruffles, as well as dark blue pants with a high waist.
  3. For a casual look, classic blue jeans with a sweater, cardigan or jacket are a great outfit formula to have in your arsenal.
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