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Say no: the main anti-trends of 2020

Some things and accessories remain in the collections of designers from season to season, and something has already worked out the “karma”. Fashion houses presented novelties, but what about anti-trends? GoBeauty has prepared a list of things that will cease to be relevant in the summer of 2020.

Shoes with fur

Even if we are talking about artificial (about natural we have long been offered to forget all the conscious fashion houses). Whether it’s sandals, mule shoes, sneakers or shoes, the trend for fur decor is a thing of the past: now shoes with it will again be considered vulgar, as it was before 2016.

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Hairpins with pearls

We have been crazy about them for more than a year, but the micro-trend on pins is no longer relevant. Especially if it’s with pearls. It’s time to give them to your younger sister.

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Vinyl leggings

They promise to reappear in the list of trends next fall (multicoloured vinyl was on display at Saint Laurent), but in summer will still be considered out of fashion. As a compromise, you can afford a couple of bright, but black is definitely worth giving up.

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Ripped jeans 

Gone are the days of ripped jeans. Put them on the far shelf until they become fashionable again. In the meantime, choose models with abrasions or rough edges.

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Denim ripped shorts

Short ripped shorts, like jeans, remained somewhere in the glamorous 2000. They were replaced by concise, spacious models. Pay attention to Bermuda shorts, they will be most popular in the summer.

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Dress in a bell-shaped skirt

Dresses and skirts of this type were once considered an exceptional attribute of femininity, but today they have been replaced by models made of lighter fabrics. If you want to feel like a coquette, choose air dresses with floral or polka dots prints.

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Dress with a basque and flared sleeves

We wave goodbye to such dresses. Even though such styles can adjust the figure, make the waist and arms visually narrower, their time is up. 

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Fine knitwear

The so-called noodle dress adds pounds to even a perfect figure and looks cheap. It is better to replace it with a dress-sweater of volume knitting, which clearly emphasizes the charms of the silhouette. According to the scale of cosiness and comfort, such things receive the maximum rating, which means that their relevance for many years is beyond doubt, according to stylists.

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Transparent bags

Many girls managed to try this beautiful but impractical trend last summer, but it is better to put them in the far corner of the closet. Like clothes, bags are becoming more voluminous and unusual in shape.

One of the main trends of the season, which was successfully experienced by street style heroes at all world Fashion Weeks, is a dumpling bag by Bottega Veneta. Also look out for hobo bags, which are back in fashion right from scratch, more laconic models that resemble a case, as well as mini-bags that are unlikely to fit anything more than lipstick or headphones.

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