Scientists come up with a new way to control hair loss

American scientists have found a new way to study the hair loss process. And condition of hair – by measuring the state of follicles.

It is known that the number of hair follicles on the head is unchanged throughout life. Unfortunately, we can’t increase their number, but we can monitor their health and hair density. To do this, specialists from Massachusetts came up with a new method for studying the state of follicles.

The method involves magnetotrichogram (MTG) of the head – a device in the form of a helmet measures the magnetic field of hair follicles and creates visual maps of electrical activity. It allows you to see which hair follicles are active and provide hair growth, and which are not.

The authors of the study argue that even though the device needs additional tests before it appears in the offices of specialists, we can already say that this diagnostic method will help prevent hair loss in the early stages.

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