Seasonal hair loss: to prevent, cure, get rid of

Have you noticed how your hair seems to start to strike with the change of seasons? Most girls in a panic look at the comb every day and buy different drugs in pharmacies. And the saddest thing is that such drama happens every fall. Why does it happen and how to stop autumn hair loss? GoBeauty dealt with this issue.

Why does hair fall out

Ironically, many people suffer from vitamin deficiencies in the fall. It is due to a sharp change in diet – from vegetables and fruits to foods rich in fats and simple carbohydrates. The body can react with weight gain, stress, mood swings and hair loss.

People who are addicted to diets low in vegetable fats and proteins are also at risk. Thinning, dullness and hair loss are sure signs of a lack of certain elements in the body.


In the fall, people suffer from mood swings and depression. It is due to a sharp cold snap and a decrease in the number of sunny days.

The mechanism of action of stress on the hair is as follows – with emotional tension, muscle spasm “squeezes” the hair root. It no longer receives all the nutrients in the same amount, eventually weakens and falls out.

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Cold weather

Be prepared for the fact that the blood circulation of the scalp will begin to deteriorate in the fall. It will gradually lead to a lack of nutrition of the hair follicles, which will catalyze the process of seasonal hair loss. It’s enough to put a hat or scarf on your head with the onset of cold weather.

Hormonal imbalance

If a hair loss is accompanied by sudden mood swings, irregular and painful menstrual cycles, acne, then the cause is a hormonal failure. It is recommended to consult physician, gynaecologist and endocrinologist.

Prevention of seasonal hair loss

The influence of the seasons on the condition of the hair is a matter of individual predisposition. However, regardless of the strength of the weather in each case, do not give up. The following precautions are relevant for any season:

  1. Ensuring the protection and healthy hair microclimate. Wearing hats made of natural materials; masks and special cosmetic procedures; washing the head with water of optimal temperature (warm); the use of soft combs that do not injure the skin will help to accomplish this point.
  2. Proper hair nutrition, including its saturation with vitamins and trace elements. It is also necessary to drink enough water a day, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, foods rich in protein, take vitamin and mineral supplements in the off-season.
  3. Providing additional care: special scalp massages, mesotherapy will help to effectively solve the accumulated problems and return your curls shine, strength and elasticity.
  4. Forget about hair styling products for a while – hair spray, mousse, wax. 

Regardless of the season, remember that there is no causeless hair loss. It is a consequence of the wrong attitude to your health. Take care of yourself and hair!

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