Self-care: the trendy way of thinking about yourself

Listening to one’s needs and self-esteem is a modern trend. We don’t store tomatoes for the whole family, and we don’t grow gardens on the weekends but most women are still far from being able to fully relax and dedicate time to themselves. Meanwhile, it is the key to a long and happy life. So, how to learn to spend quality time alone with yourself?

What is self-care

On the one hand, the lifestyle trend has been popular in the United States for many years. On the other hand – a way of life in general, in which you do not ignore yourself and your desire to relax. You plan time for complete relaxation just like going to the movies or getting nails done. And those who follow it may not even know that it is self-care. Scandinavians, for example, are easy to pull under the trend hygge and Lykke. If these areas are more about comfort, family values and warmth, then self-care is just a planned and purposeful relaxation

What will be your holiday – home yoga, home-SPA and watching “Friends”, reading your favourite GoBeauty – does not matter. If you’ve wanted this for a long time and put it off all the time, go ahead! Immerse yourself and be alone with your thoughts, without being distracted by incoming calls and messages.

How to implement a trend in your life

Raise awareness

Even if you have a very eventful day, take at least a few minutes to slow down and be in the moment. If you have dinner, feel the full taste of your favourite dish. Focusing on the beauty of the outside world, not on bitter thoughts – that’s the secret of a quick reboot.

Take your time in the morning

Do you move the alarm clock for another 5 minutes several times, and then jump up and run around the apartment in search of working documents? It distorts the mood. Therefore, create a mood by morning. And try to go to bed and, accordingly, get up early and cook a delicious breakfast, drink a cup of coffee, choose clothes. Start the day at a slow pace. It will help maintain a good mood until the evening.

Control the amount of liquid you drink

It sounds very common, but the habit of drinking water is one of the most effective ways to get more energy and raise living standards. If you have long planned to switch to a healthy lifestyle and you lack the strength of spirit, start with water. Drink 1-2 glasses of warm water in the morning and carry a small bottle.

Try something new

When there are so many “needs” in life, and there is almost no such pleasant “want”, it is easy to get depressed and lose your taste for life. So do what you have been dreaming of for many years, even if it will take time and money. It is a significant investment in the quality of life that will bring the first dividends very quickly.

Learn to say no

Every women’s magazine writes about it, and we still have problems with it. You have everything ready for a relaxing evening but, at the last moment, a friend calls for a concert of her favourite band. And you deny yourself pleasure so as not to offend her. But it is important to remember that there are many of them, and you are alone. And do not put yourself last on the list of priorities. Gather strength on your own to be in a resourceful state and give a good mood to others. 

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