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Shopper bag – your summer must-have

Probably, each of us at least once faced such a situation when it is necessary to carry many things and in nothing! Or you need to go shopping, and in an hour you take several bulky packages! Yes, it is in such cases that a shopper bag can help.

What is it?

The shopper bag is an indispensable accessory in the modern world, able to make any look more stylish. It is a bulky bag with a long strap, which can hold all the things a woman needs. 

A personal shopper is a standard bag that you can carry in the hands (there are two handles in the shape of semicircles) or on the shoulder (there is a unique elongated strap or chain). Differs in practicality and functionality, it acts as harmonious addition of a fashionable outfit.

photo credit: Pinterest
photo credit: Pinterest

Such bags are considered universal, suitable for any age, season, but especially for summer. They can be chosen both for casual outfits and business suits. Besides, there are formal and beach options.

Varieties of shopper bags

Large shopper bags vary by size, shape and material. Different products have unusual names.

Messenger bag differs in the presence of a folding valve and additional pockets on the sides. This line is made of genuine leather or imitation leather. It is an excellent option for those whose work involves active travel around the city. At any time, you can get a phone, notebook or wallet from your side pocket.

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A similar appearance to the design characterises dome bag. It has a high-strength, solid frame and two short handles of the same shape. 

Suitcase of a briefcase is an attribute of a businessman. Fashion houses produce it to create austere and elegant business looks. The rigid framework allows transferring folders with papers and the laptop inside. The main advantage is convenience and practicality.

The bucket bag is a shapeless shopper with an elongated handle and a tight bottom. It is an excellent option for those who regularly visit grocery stores. 

In addition to this classification, handbags vary according to the materials used in production. Leather, suede, fur, denim, cotton and synthetic shopper bags are available. Each of them has its characteristics.

photo credit: Pinterest

How to combine a shopper bag with outfits

It is easy to combine shopper bags with clothing, as there is a wide choice of colours and decor. Variants with colourful finishes and patterns are best for summer. The more unusual the design, the more attention you will attract. For autumn and winter, it is better to choose muted shades. The shopper is easy to combine with summer dresses, jeans or shorts. It can be worn even with a sports suit. Spacious forms are very convenient for a trip to the gym.

For the office, choose bags with more restrained design. Colours are classic black, blue, brown. Models with a texture of a snake and a crocodile will emphasise your refined taste. 

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