Cosmeceutical: fashion trend or care for the beauty and health
Cosmetics – a set of tools and procedures, the purpose of which is to create and maintain the beauty and
RF-lifting: skin tightening without surgery
Nowadays, there are many rejuvenating techniques. The leaders are those who are not only the most effective, but also painless
Microcurrent therapy: improving condition of the skin without surgery
Microcurrent therapy – modern hardware procedure for skin rejuvenation. The effect is achieved by increasing the functional activity of facial
Top-5 homemade masks for face
Self-made masks are a great alternative to industrial ones and will be an excellent complement to the daily skin care
sea ​​kale
Sea Cocktail for skin care
Memories of sea breeze and freshness, tenderness of salty waves cause a lot of positive emotions at any time of
A look into the future: removing dark circles under the eyes
The skin around eyes requires special care and, in its absence, tells not only about age of the lady, but
Alcohol in cosmetics composition. Dispelling the myths
Everyone is well aware that if cosmetic product composition includes alcohol, product has not only antiseptic properties, but also dries
Bee products in cosmetics
Everyone knows medicinal properties of honey, as a substitute for sugar and a compulsory medication for influenza. However, it, as
Features of summer skin and hair care
Summer is a great time for rest and new experiences. However, at this time of the year, special attention should
Linear Acupuncture of Vinnytsky (LAV)
The analog in the world: Acupuncture is known for 2000 years, mainly for health correction. There are classical corporal acupuncture