Small, but daring: a smartphone that cares about the health

Everyone knows that smartphones scatter our attention and distract with constant notifications.

Problems with a smartphone worry millennials more than problems in a relationship! But Mudita the Polish startup decided to rectify this situation.

The company has released a mobile phone that “seeks to improve your well-being” by replacing a modern smartphone with a simple device without the Internet and other chips.

Mudita is made on the principle of old phones, but it looks very modern. This phone has electronic ink for easy reading, like an e-book screen, and low screen brightness. This means that it will take care of the eyes and limit the harmful effects of blue light. At the same time, the text is perfectly readable even in bright sunlight.

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The main health concern of this phone is that it does not have an internet connection. Mudita can call and write messages. It is also equipped with notes, a calendar, a calculator, an alarm clock, a flashlight, a voice recorder and a music player.

The smartphone is also equipped with a special antenna, which minimizes the effects of harmful radio frequencies while maintaining a good signal.

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