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Small talk with Lizzy

Today we had a small chat with Liza Goroshnikova.

She is a Creative Producer and Video Maker in New York.

GoBeauty asked 3 very important questions, and we hope, you can find motivation and inspiration in this blog post.

1. You have a really interesting job. Can you tell our audience about the coolest projects that you’ve to lead?

My main title is a creative producer — that means I’m the person who comes up with an idea and finds a way to realize it. Film event production is different from video production, but this all have a similar structure.

At this moment I mostly focused on video production, but there are many things I’ve done before.

KFM (international film market) — one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever done. That was a huge film-based event that took place in Moscow. Over four days rights holders, distributors and film buffs were gathering under one roof to enjoy exclusive screenings and watch presentations and pitches for new film and TV projects. My role included building the brand’s identity, approving and managing the budget, coordinating PR and Production teams, and so on. Basically, I had produced the event from scratch, make sure everything happens at the right time and in the right place.

To be honest — every time I work on a music video or commercial, I’m challenging myself with finding the new ways of art direction is, let’s say by bringing on board people I’ve never worked with or making the last-minute decision like «Why don’t we use a different music in the video?». Sometimes those things titillate the team, but it’s always for the best.

We’re about to release a project I produced and directed at the same time. That was the first time I was wearing more than one hat. I spent my whole night by writing scripts, storyboards and looking for a music that would perfectly match the video. How can I sleep if the shootings are coming soon? I had a strong feeling that we need to use a song by Pinc Louds (NYC based musician), so I reached them and luckily got the song for my project!

2. How do you manage to do everything? You must be a professional at time management.

I’m not a queen of time management, still trying to find the work-life balance. However, I don’t feel that much tired or even exhausted, like many people in the industry. Maybe, beсause I love what I do and enjoy creative activities. I’m okay with working on weekends, but always compensate it somehow — day off during the week / longer weekend next time, etc.

That’s funny — I have never been late for business meetings, always delivered projects on time or even earlier, but it’s just not working with my regular life. My husband and friends got used to me being late, I always forget about appointments in beauty salons. The only thing I never forget about — having a meal:)

3. How do you fight stress and tension? Tell us a little about your free time and leisure activities.

Cooking (especially baking), having a long walk in a park, watching an old movie — those are main activities that help me to fight with stress. If I have time — I would get away in the woods for a while. Connections with nature give me so much energy, inspires me any time of the year.

Another thing I’ve recently tried and enjoyed are yoga-retreats. I spent a weekend somewhere at Catskills with amazing women around me. We shared our feelings, experiences, thoughts, and ideas, and also practised yoga and meditation to connect with your inner child, find a balance. One day we spent in silence, nobody was allowed to talk — such an amazing experience, like a short version of Vipassanā. Highly recommended!

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