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«Smart» T-shirt that monitors lung health

In the Netherlands, scientists have designed a “smart” T-shirt — Hexoskin. It can monitor breathing and can help monitor the condition of people with lung diseases. Also, such a T-shirt is useful for those who have no health problems. It controls breathing and synchronizes data with a mobile application.

The principle of operation of the clothing is elementary: built-in sensors detect tissue stretching during inhalation and exhalation. With this in mind, the t-shirt calculates the amount of air in the lungs.

Scientists have already experimented. Fifteen healthy participants wore shirts during the day and engaged in everyday activities: they rested, lay, walked, and did housework. At the same time, they wore a shirt and a technique with which they usually measure respiration.

The results obtained from smart T-shirts and technology turned out to be the same. The difference is only in the indicators collected in the lying position. It turned out to be negligible — 0.2%.

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