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Sophie Turner shares her date beauty routine and favourite hair colouring ideas

A lot of people know and love Sophie Turner as a redhead, thanks to her starring role in Game of Thrones. But though Turner’s been playing her since she was 13-years-old, she’s not Sansa with the scarlet hair anymore. The 22-year-old girl has been embracing an icy blonde that looks so good.

photo credit: Sophie Turner/Instagram

“The hair colour that is the most me is blonde,” Turner shares. “It’s my natural hair colour. With red hair, I feel like a classier and more empowered woman. But when I’m blonde, I feel normal and tomboyish, which is more my personality.”

If you mistakenly thought that red is her natural hair colour because it looks so good on her, so did the rest of the world—it’s okay. Since Turner is actually a natural blonde but always putting her hair through dye jobs, she relies on quality products to keep the condition.

photo credit: Sophie Turner/Instagram

“I’m constantly dyeing it and dyeing it, so to make sure my hair feels healthy I always use the Wella Koleston Perfect Dye when I’m colouring my hair,” she says.

“For upkeep, I use the Wella Invigo Brilliance shampoo, conditioner, and their amazing mask, which keeps my hair hydrated, shiny, healthy. I use it once a week, and it’s a lifesaver. I also love the Invigo Brilliance Miracle BB Spray—it has lime caviar in it, which gives my hair this crazy shine.”

When Turner’s getting ready for date night, she turns her makeup up. “I love doing a dark or brown smokey eye paired with a nude-coloured lip,” she says. “For hair, I do my go-to, which is straight with a middle part tucked behind my ears. I keep it simple because stylists do it better than I ever could. I can keep it healthy, that’s for sure, but I’m bad at styling it myself. It’s sleek, simple, and not complicated.”

photo credit: Sophie Turner/Instagram

photo credit: Sophie Turner/Instagram

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