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Spring 2020: basic wardrobe

There is clothing that is least prone to fashion trends and always looks stylish. This is the basic part of every elegant wardrobe. These clothes always come to the rescue when doubts arise about what to wear. See if you have all of these?

Classic jeans

Straight jeans are versatile. They can be worn with just everything, and the number of outfits with this item of clothing is endless. Combine classics with business style, sports sweatshirt, silk blouses and seductive crop-tops. Pay attention to the combination of straight jeans with a white shirt. Complement this look with your favourite sneakers and a small handbag – the most relevant look of the season is ready. By the way, straight pants are a godsend for juicy shape owners. Such jeans visually stretch the legs, harmonize the hips.


Straight men’s or barely-fitting mid-thigh blazer is a cult thing of the ‘90s, which became the basic piece of the current fashion cycle. This blazer changes slightly from season to season (colour, print), but remains the same detail that makes the whole look relevant. You can choose a neutral model or an accent (for example, a blazer in a bright colour that will become the “third thing” in your outfit).

Trench coat

This item of wardrobe has been relevant last year, and we will likely see it in all its glory on street style from the spring fashion weeks. The trench coat will be everywhere, but not in the classical version – the vintage cut (trench coats with volume shoulders from the ‘80s) and trench coats with various details and modifications will be relevant too. This trend is so pronounced that there are hardly any vintage models left on eBay that were sold for a penny a year ago…


The winning element of the spring-summer 2020 base wardrobe is a classic pantsuit. The trousers can be worn separately with different blouses and cardigans, and a light jacket can always be useful in the summer. It is especially indispensable for girls who work in the office.

The following spring, designers also propose to recall the era of the ‘70s, which became an inexhaustible source of inspiration for them. This time, they offer fashionistas to try on suits with flared pants and fitted single-breasted jackets.


Blouses of lightweight material, delicate models with flounces and lace, futuristic asymmetrical models are just a small list of the current trend. Beautiful pastel shades – blue, peach, cream, purple, turquoise, always relevant white and black, as well as deep rich colours of burgundy, wine, emerald, blue, purple look great in the new fashion season.

For romantic natures designers in the coming season offer a delicate floral ornament on thin fabric. Handmade embroidery in the form of geometric lines, floral motifs or abstract patterns looks particularly elegant.

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