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Stylish footwear for autumn-winter 2020-2021

Footwear holds a special place in women’s wardrobe and heart. A new pair of shoes can not only improve your mood but also transform any look. GoBeauty has collected a guide to the main shoe trends of the upcoming autumn-winter 2020-2021 season.


Square toe footwear

It has returned to the catwalks of the submission of designers who adore fashion of the last decade. Prada, Balmain, Nina Ricci and other famous brands offer the silhouette for the next season.

The popularity of the style is due to the peculiarity of the silhouette. Therefore, in such shoes, the foot seems smaller, plus it is ideal for women with a wide foot. The square toe harmonizes with casual and evening clothes.

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Knee-high boots

Another triumphant return of one of the most successful models for autumn. This time there are no restrictions on the colour palette and shape. In fashion, both bright contrasting and restrained pastels. 

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Dr Martins footwear

Dr Martens shoes have long since gained cult status. 

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The 90s style shoes

Designers continue to interpret the 90s trends. The era is not so far from us, so it is much easier to find echoes of past fashion in modern trends. After the triumph of open-toed sandals worn at the end of the century, shoes with a massive sole in grunge style are bursting into trends. 

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Shiny metallic

At the Winter Fashion Week, there was a real boom in metallic – every second fashion house demonstrated “space” shoe design. These shoes are universal in terms of colour combinations as they harmoniously complement all the basic shades of autumn. 

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Patent leather

Designers in 2020 became interested in vinyl and latex, which is reflected in the shoe collections they offer. Varnish models with incredible brilliance, which were demonstrated on catwalks in many fashion houses, are in demand among fashionistas. Experts believe that patent leather boots and shoes are the trends of the autumn-winter 2020-2021 season.

photo credit: Pinterest
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