Stylish nail design ideas for fall 2020

Grey autumn days should not interfere with a good mood and spoil the bright female look. After all, even in the cold season, a selection of stylish outfits does not do without bright accents, which can be accessories, makeup and even manicure. The latter will be discussed in our new article. So, get inspired and choose nail design ideas.

Autumn French nail design

There are several so-called universal designs, which traditionally include a half-moon manicure. But, due to the autumn weather outside, a coloured French will be more useful than ever! The variation is suitable for different occasions, it will conquer your heart.

Fall nail design with foil

Perhaps the best option for an autumn manicure is ideas with foil. They are among the topmost relevant and desirable. Pieces of foil, broken glass, metallized sliders, stripes and other elements of geometry are the main techniques of autumn manicure. So, the deliberately bright gold foil is a super shiny decor in the autumn nail design.

Golden autumn

Beautiful golden manicure in fall 2020 becomes especially relevant. There are options for a special occasion, such as an autumn manicure with a pattern of rhinestones and glitter. “Golden” autumn is also associated with falling leaves. Bright multi-coloured autumn leaves will be an appropriate addition to a manicure for fall.

Matte chic

If before it was fashionable to combine a matte manicure and a pair of nails with a glossy finish, today the most popular option for a manicure for fall is a matte manicure with matte patterns. This autumn design looks restrained and very stylish. Contrasting combinations of matte shades, various drawings and patterns are allowed. You will find a lot of options for a matte manicure for autumn with a grey shade, which is a good base for any nail design.

Autumn minimalism

In calm laconic nail designs, everything is created out to the smallest detail. Thus, the colour in combination with a neat pattern or graphics, selected in a single style, emphasize the overall trend. As a result, nails look very elegant and impressive.

Bright lines

Manicure and makeup in the spirit of the Impressionists continue to excite the imagination of stylists and makeup artists. We advise you not to complicate the task: get colourful nail polishes and a manicure brush and repeat the Pyer Moss show image. 

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