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Stylish nail design trends in 2019

Last year pleased fashionistas with the relevance of long nails, various nail art designs and a wide palette of polish shades. And what has this season prepared for us? GoBeauty has collected for you a selection of the most fashionable trends of every day and avant-garde manicure.

1. The length

Good news for girls who like to grow their nails. In the new season, long nails are still in trend. Square, pointed and rounded nails – they are all relevant. In 2019 you will be able to pamper yourself with even more diverse patterns because on long nails the drawings look very impressive and allow you to fit more painted elements.

2. The inscriptions on the nails

This manicure is a novelty of 2019, which gained popularity in the winter. Inscriptions of various contents, from slogans to declarations of love, are applied to the nails. The trend is relevant in combination with other techniques, for example, with ombre, rubbing and colour combinations.

3. Gradient

This trend has come to us from past seasons but has slightly changed. In 2019, the nails need to be covered in this technique not completely, but partially, for example, only the centre. Also, a linear gradient and ombre in the form of uneven lines came into fashion.

4. Colour palette

The shade of nail polish is still dictated by the way of life and the season. Business manicure involves nude shades with a minimum of nail art (matte coating, powder, colour in tone). Evening or holiday manicure allows for brighter and darker tones, the use of glitters, rubbing, mica. In the summer girls usually apply gel nail polish of bright colours, up to neon, in the fall – more muted, “dusty”.

5. Unusual details

Long nails with interesting details always attract attention. By using foil, you can create unusual patterns, and with the help of mica to achieve the effect of “broken glass”. These techniques of nail design came to us last year, but still, do not give up their positions.

Whatever design you choose, remember that in a trend there are always well-groomed hands and a fresh manicure. This is always true regardless of age, season and social status.

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