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Summer 2020 season: the most fashionable bags

Women’s handbag is a favourite accessory of girls. Every fashionista has a whole collection of bags for all occasions and all possible outfits. Fashion is so brief that “faithful friends” have to be changed almost every season. What bags are trendy during summer 2020 season?


The most desirable will be a bag in the style of past eras as if you found it at a European flea market. We especially like how appropriate it will look in different outfits: you can choose the most restrained and concise clothing, complementing it with unexpected accessories – elegant handbags, torn from the ‘60s or ‘70s. However, the year of birth of your bag is not important at all. The main thing is nostalgic notes in its design. For inspiration, we turn not only to Anna Sui, Brock Collection and Oscar de la Renta but also to the closet of your beloved grandmother.

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Micro bags

Yes, they still will be trendy. Simon Porte Jacques set a long-term trend. To the already iconic Jacquemus Le Chiquito this summer the designers added another portion of small handbags – Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Jil Sander and the charming Longchamp fuchsia. Trendy micro bags of 2020 do not always assume practicality: most models will not fit a laptop, phone or even keys. But some accessories exist just to serve as decoration and complement the look. So why not use an ultra-small bag for this purpose?

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But at the same time with miniature and decorative bags, practical bags return to fashion. Those that will fit not only lipstick but also a phone and even a book.

For those who love giant bags, there is also good news. The fashion season of summer 2020 gives us massive crossbody bags in which you can hide half your life. The most interesting options are braided Bottega Veneta and red Sies Marjan.

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Spring/summer wicker bags, as well as floral dresses all year round, are the constant leaders of the fashion top. Designers offer us all the models that have already become classics. For example, neat and miniature bags, wicker picnic baskets, and oversized shoppers made of straw.

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Bags of unusual shape

One of the most popular models this year was a suitcase or box. Some of them look like an antique box or satchel, others only remotely resemble their prototypes. Only you decide how unusual your choice will be.

Another option is a fashionable bucket bag. Such a model appeared in completely different variations: from micro bags to buckets of giant sizes Marni, from classic black to neon colours. There is plenty to choose from. The material can also vary: straw baskets, leather buckets and plastic models will be equally relevant.

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