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Sun in the pocket: TOP-5 best cosmetic remedies with SPF

Summer is already in full swing, and even if the vacation is still far away, to prevent sunburn is better today. GoBeauty has learned a lot of customers and bloggers reviews and chose the best creams, sprays, mists that will save you from sunburn.

Sisley, SPF 30 Sunscreen Milky Mist for Body

photo credit: Sisley

The light texture of the product is great for light and sensitive skin. The spray has a high degree of protection and protects the skin from UVA/UVB radiation. The texture allows you to apply a thick layer that quickly absorbs and saturates the skin with vitamin E, karite and mango oils. It is in a bottle of 150 ml, which means that you definitely will have enough of it for the entire beach season. A pleasant bonus is the magic smell of mango and camellia.

Dry Sun Protection Face Mist Expert Protection with SPF-50

photo credit: Garnier

The product is comfortable to carry with you to update the protective veil on working weekdays or on a trip. It has a non-stick and low-fat formula that quickly absorbs, does not leave white marks, can even be applied over the makeup. It is also hypoallergenic due to the lack of flavours, parabens and dyes in the composition; contributes to the protection of pigment spots and age-related changes caused by the sun. The cosmetic remedy moisturizes the skin for 24 hours and is ideal for everyday use in the city.

Givenchy Vax’in For Youth City Skin Solution Beautifying Mist High Protection SPF 30 PA +

photo credit: Givenchy

This is an important final stroke, which should not be neglected if you do not use the cream sunscreen products. A total of a couple of shoots and a light layer will drop to the face, providing reliable protection from the sun and urban dust. Apply the remedy after the makeup, and update – before going outside, but not earlier than in a couple of hours. Thanks to the compact size, the product is convenient to take with you on vacation and to work.

The Skin House UV Protection Sun Block, SPF 50 for face and body

photo credit: Skin House

Reliably protects the skin from UV rays and moisturizes it. The nice bonuses are the ability to control sebum production, smoothing of fine wrinkles and correction of the face tone. The skin becomes smooth and velvety after this cosmetic remedy usage. The product has a delicate texture, is easily applied and distributed without splitting sticky and greasy lustre. Can be used as a makeup base. But before applying, make sure that the product is completely absorbed.

Christina Comodex Mattifying SunScreen, SPF 15 for the face

photo credit: Christina

Because of the liquid consistency, the cream is more like emulsion or lotion, but it does not reduce its protective properties. It is easily applied, distributed and quickly absorbed. It does not leave marks on clothes. The product protects skin from aggressive sunlight, prevents the appearance of pigment spots and do not clog pores. It mattes and aligns the face tone. But if this is not enough, you can use it as a makeup base.

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