The best time to eat breakfast

Breakfast is a fuel that fills the body with energy for the whole day. 25-30% of daily norm calories should be taken in the morning meal. There is a misconception that skipping breakfast can help you lose weight. It is not true. By getting enough carbohydrates in the morning, you stabilize blood sugar levels, which helps regulate appetite and not overeat during the day.

Morning meals are incredibly significant for the brain as it restores glucose levels. Therefore, schoolchildren and people with high brain activity need breakfast. But when is the best time to eat breakfast? Read about it today.

When exactly to have breakfast

Breakfast is just as vague as the morning. Someone wakes up at 6 am and immediately wants to eat. Someone gets up at 7 am and tries to wake up with the help of coffee at about 10 and can’t even think about food. The third is convenient to wake up and get up with daylight and do everything without haste, including thinking about breakfast, day planning. All these are relevant and viable stories because all people are different. There is no universal useful recipe for how to spend the day.

Breakfast time depends on the individual rise time. It is best to have it in the first two hours after waking up. Before that, drink a glass of clean water to prepare the body for digestive processes.

What you can do for yourself anyway is not stay hungry. Hunger distracts from work, negatively affects mood and ability to cope with stress.

And if I exercise at the gym

There is no single answer to this question because the body can react differently to training after a meal. So listen to yourself: if you eat a sandwich and find it difficult to perform strength exercises, try to go to the gym first and then eat. In general, breakfast should be about an hour before or an hour after training.

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