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The main shades of lipstick of the autumn 2019 season

September is on its way. This means that it is time to update your arsenal of cosmetics in order to stock up on the best beauty products of the coming autumn, among which lipstick plays one of the key roles.

The new season’s palette includes a plethora of colours. We offer to find your signature shade!

Orange lipstick

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In autumn and winter, rely on soft peach and coral tones, and if you want brightness, the situation will be corrected by a rich carrot pigment on the lips.

Red lipstick

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Classics that work beyond time and trends. It can save any look in no time.

Wine lipstick

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One of the easiest ways to plunge into the fall after a sunny summer is to change your favourite bright lipstick to a darker, deeper option.

Berry lipstick

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From blueberries to blackberries – the choice of berry shades for lips pleases with its diversity in the upcoming fall season, but cherry and plum tones remain unconditional hits.

Neutral lipstick

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Transparent glossy or natural, barely noticible lip products have become one of the key trends in this year’s makeup.

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