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The new food trend: What is artificial meat?

It happens to all of us to eat delicious junk food. But extra pounds after such a meal do not give us rest. Now, thanks to the stuffing of vegetable origin, one can forget about reproaches of conscience.

Well-known Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods companies have been improving the taste of artificial meat for ten years. They also offer this dish to restaurant guests. But the new superfood is predicting an even more successful future. Bill Gates and the largest beef producer in the world, Tyson Foods, have already invested in the renewed taste of Beyond Meat meat. Experts say that by 2100, humanity will completely switch to artificial meat.

The composition of such meat resembles a recipe for a vegetarian salad. Minced meat contains pea protein, water, coconut oil, salt, vinegar, starch, yeast and beet juice. According to the creators, the cutlet made of artificial meat has the same nutritional value as usual. Beyond Meat say that their product is not aimed at vegetarians, but people who are used to eating classic meat. In this way, they seek to improve human health and conserve the planet’s natural resources.

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