This season fashionable types of hair colouring

To change life cardinally, to be transformed and forced to look at itself in a new way to women always helps hair colour change. Often, a different shade of curls changes the inner perception of oneself and the world, which makes us more confident in our beauty and attractiveness, helps solve problems and even find the true vocation in this life. In this article, we will tell you what kind of hair colouring is relevant this season.

Changing the colour of the hairdo in 2018-2019

Become the centre of the universe, changing the shade of curls and constantly catching your admiring looks this season will help bold dyeing of hair in unusually bright and cosmic colours: blue, turquoise, pink, purple, etc. These colours are suitable for truly extraordinary personalities, who know a lot about experiments.

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To surprise and compelling to turn around passers-by will help the extravagant type of hair dyeing – Pixels. Its feature is clear geometric shapes of different shades. Usually, they create a certain composition or have a random distribution over the hair. Sometimes hairstylist creates a pattern that is visible only if it is stylized or, for example, if the hair is as smooth as possible.

Fashionable staining of ombre and sombre in this season is not losing its popularity. When using the ombre technique, the transition occurs only vertically from the darker to the lighter tones, and in the sombre – and horizontally, using additional shades of the same colour. The smooth transition of colour from one to another allows you to achieve the most luxurious and rich effect.

Splashlight is another unusual, but a very bright and stylish type of colouring this season. Its technique is to create a peculiar line of the shine of colour. The desired effect is visible regardless of the lighting.

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The balayage technique also in demand this season, thanks to the creation of an incredible amount of hair by applying to the surface of strands of 2 or 3 shades of the same colour. This type of hair dyeing is indispensable for graduated haircuts since it allows you to make the necessary accents and emphasize hairstyle model.

Shatush or creation of burnt ringlets effect is also a fashion trend this season. To achieve the desired effect, you can stain curls along the entire length or only their tips at once in several shades of the same colour.

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